Female Orgasm Denial

"Come one! Come all!" ... Well, about that second one...

Come Deny Her is a website and welcoming community devoted to female orgasm denial and control. It's all about making her squirm, moan, beg, squeal, and whimper.

Please become as involved as much or as little as you like. The Lurkers may Lurk and those with lots to say, we hope to offer lots of places to say it.

Question of the Day - Tease Toy

What toy do you prefer to tease with or be teased with?

Advice on Edging

Recently on Fetlife I was messaged by a lovely lady seeking information and advice on edging. Apparently she had difficulty not slipping when she got there. (Still quite new to the activity.) Below are my thoughts on it.


There could be a couple challenges or misunderstandings that are effecting your success.


Fingered myself almost to an orgasm 3 times and now got the belt on again

Two Participants

 A man and woman find themselves bonded in erotic torture.

last night of my denial Jan 31st

Tonight is my last night being denied, tomorrow is the big day! My master said he has something special planned. This experience has been incredible, like omg it improved my sex drive infinitely, and we have both have become closer to one another. Maybe I'll do it again some time, maybe not, I'm not sure. I'm not feeling any urges to come anymore, because I know that right doesn't belong to me anymore, it will be a fun day tomorrow!

Would you like to play a game?

Some of you may recognize that phrase from a movie called "War Games".  

My version is different.  'Tis a game of 20 questions. You'll get to cum when you correctly guess the thing of which I'm thinking. But you only get one question per day...

I can think of several variations on this, but I'd like to see if anyone is interested.  Naturally, teasing/edging will be highly involved.  I'm in an evil mood.  

I wonder if anyone wants to play...

~ D

almost ready

So, after a long dry spell of no interest, I find I am slowly warming up to the idea of being teased and denied again...it is a strange process...it feels like a wave, coming in slowly, till it reaches that point where I MUST have someone control me.  It has been a good couple of  months since my last session.


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