Female Orgasm Denial

"Come one! Come all!" ... Well, about that second one...

Come Deny Her is a website and welcoming community devoted to female orgasm denial and control. It's all about making her squirm, moan, beg, squeal, and whimper.

Please become as involved as much or as little as you like. The Lurkers may Lurk and those with lots to say, we hope to offer lots of places to say it.

Smashes the 1 hour mark.

My student has eclipsed the one hour mark for controlling her orgasm. This happened after a trip to a nearby town to a bar to unwind and shoot some pool.  Before we left for the bar I had her insert a pair of Ben-Wa balls to help keep her horny and wet all night. She enjoyed playing several games and had a couple drinks. Periodically I would ask her how her pussy was doing and she would blush and tell me how hot and wet she was and how horny the little balls were making her.

Latest project update

My current student's latest experience was a real wowzer for her and for me.  Instead of her usual timed session, I gave her the opportunity to go "freestyle" to evaluate if on her own, she would choose to delay her orgasm thereby increasing her pleasure or would she fall back into old habits and cum as often as possible.

Latest Project

My current OC student is making good progress. Her history is that of an orgasm "junkie", coming as often as possible whenever possible. Being multi-orgasmic, this could number upwards of 30 verified orgasms in a two hour period of play. Suffice it to say that she was quite skeptical about learning to control her orgasms in order to achieve higher quality ones. However, she wished to give it a try as her self-stimulation sessions were becoming boring as she found it too easy to cum and the orgasms weren't satisfying.


My apologies for taking so long to get around to posting here--I've been meaning to for ages and just haven't gotten around to it.


Scarlett's continuing denial blog


Chastity & diapers game...

Hi all,

i'm actually wearing a pink Birdlocked PICO over my sissy clitty,

an anal dilation ring into my sissy pussy,

packed into a Molicare Super üPlus diaper,

with an Aichner reusable diaper over it for security,

and a pink gingham locking diaper cover...


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A Time of Firsts

The beginning of my denial blog



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